Canadian First World War



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To All Affected Communities of Canada’s First National Internment Operations, 1914 to 1920

During Canada’s first national internment operations of 1914-1920 thousands of men, women and children were branded as “enemy aliens.” Many were imprisoned. Stripped of what little wealth they had, forced to do heavy labour in Canada’s hinterlands, they were also disenfranchised and subjected to other state-sanctioned censures, not because of anything they had done but only because of where they had come from, who they were.

In May 2008 the Ukrainian Canadian community and the Government of Canada reached an agreement establishing an Endowment called the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund (CFWWIRF) to support projects that commemorate and recognize the experiences of the ethno-cultural communities affected by Canada’s first national internment operations of 1914–1920. The work of the Fund is overseen by the Endowment Council comprised of seven members and an internee descendent representative.

To ensure appropriate representation on the Endowment Council, we encourage those organizations that represent the affected communities (other than Ukrainian) to nominate individuals that are knowledgeable about this period of Canada’s history. The submitted names will be considered as potential candidates for the Endowment Council.

The Board of Directors of the Shevchenko Foundation is currently seeking a representative from the affected communities. This appointment is for a one-year term.

We invite you to submit the names of individuals along with their resumes by December 5, 2021.
Please contact Program Manager for an application form.

We also request that if you are an umbrella organization in your community, that you disseminate this information to your branches across Canada.

Please submit names to:

The Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund
202- 952 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2W- 3P4

Attention: Program Manager
Or Email: [email protected]

If you require more information please contact the Program Manager toll-free at 1-866-524-5314.