Canadian First World War


News 2010

Group Says Rights Museum Slights Suffering of Ukrainians
Globe and Mail, 10 December 2010
By James Adams

Woman Digs into History of Internees
The Sault Star News, 19 November 2010
By Michael Purvis

Canadian Author Skyrpuch Researching Interned Turks of 1914
The Armenian Weekly, 25 Sep 2010
By Betty Apigian-Kesse

New Internment Memorial Embodies Spirit of Original
The Northern Times, 8 September 2010

Kapuskasing Internee Cemetery Restoration Project
The Northern Times, 18 August 2010

Symposium of the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund, Kingston, Ontario

A Magyar Köztársaság Nagykövetsége: Emlékezés az elsõ világháborúban internáltakra
június 18-19-én

Kanadai Magyar Hírlap: Konferencia és megemlékezés az elsõ világháborúban internáltakról
Posted in Multikulturalizmus, Történelem by Christopher Adam on július 6, 2010

Launch of Quebec Internment Spirit Lake Interpretive Centre
La Ferme, Quebec, 19 August 2010

National Symposium on Internment Operations
by Marta Iwanek

Symposium at Queen’s University: Canadian Internment Operations, 1914-1920
Voice of Canadian Serbs, 29 July 2010

The Kingston Symposium – An Opportunity to Remember
Ukrainian News, 24 June 2010
by Nancy Lyzaniwski

Kovacic Going Big With Painting Project
Prince George Community Free Press, 26 February 2010

An Early Muslim Community In Brantford, Ontario
CANADATURK, 15 January 2010