Canadian First World War
Internment Recognition Fund

Fonds canadien de reconnaissance de l'internement durant
la première guerre mondiale

Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund

Final Project Report

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1.Organization/Applicant Information
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Please attach a typed 2‐page report which contains the following information:
  1. In three to four sentences please summarize the project description and purpose as submitted in your application.
  2. State how the project fulfilled its purpose as submitted in your application. What was most successful about the project? What adjustments did you make as you took the project to its completion?
  3. How many people participated in and/or attended your project compared to the projected numbers in your application? How many people visited your website and/or viewed your social media posts related to this project?
  4. If your project included producing a physical entity (book, CD, art works) what were your projected sales as in your application and what are your actual sales at the date of the submission of this report?
  5. What advice do you offer to others undertaking a similar project?
Please include any Additional Relevant Information such as program booklets, Posters, newspaper articles, that are pertinent to your project.

Please provide an article for the CFWWIRF Annual Report:
Written report requirements:
30 lines, 500 words, 1 ½ line spaced using Calibri font, size 11.
Images to be provided in high resolution with permissions; credits and description.

Please attach a one‐page financial statement report which includes the revenue and expenses pertaining to the project. Note: Administration costs are limited to 15% of project costs. (include scanned copies of all receipts) The Financial statement should include the original approved project budget Revenue and Expenditures and the actual Revenue and Expenditures for the completed project.

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*Note: Supporting documents cannot be larger than 10MB. If you have a larger file, please contact the program manager directly at [email protected]
Or mail to: Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund
202‐952 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB
R2W 3P4